Along with everything else, I've also written 3 very unique and entertaining books. They are listed below along with their back-cover descriptions. They are all available on Amazon both digitally and in paperback.
BOHEMIANish, THE SILLY SELLING OF SEA SHELLS is about a very entertaining and even comical adventure that took place over the long summer of 2013. Dan Hagood took boxes full of his novel, “Follies of a Lazy Writer” and set sail in an RV. The plan was to sell copies door to door to pay for a 5 month coast to coast odyssey with his dog Sammy as his co-pilot. It's a crazy tale, and in telling it, he let's you in on much more of his “unconventional” life as well. It's a memorable read, and no doubt, you're sure to do lots of smiling... Have Fun!

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This “fly on the wall” perspective of the film and television industry brings to life, in a very unique way, a world our modern American culture, for better or worse, can't seem to get enough of. What is it like for just your average everyday person, who has no special knowledge of the business, to spend a day on the set of a movie or hit television series working with everyone's favorite celebrities? It's fun and exciting! There's no question, and the author makes you feel like you're right there with him. However, it won't take you long to realize that there's a lot more to it than that too, and in the end, it may be the “everything else” that truly makes this story worth reading... It's a lot of fun!  

“FOLLIES” was not written by a “LAZY WRITER”….. It is in many ways an eclectic group of short stories that come together to form one rather eccentric narrative that will leave you both smiling and scratching your head… 
 Dan Hagood is a multimedia artist whose influence by the surrealists slowly becomes evident in his writing as well, leading to one of the most uniquely entertaining reads you’ll ever enjoy… To learn more about Dan, see… 

…. Janet Myles has been all over the world and made a ton of money writing about it. It was all extremely satisfying too. However, after a considerable amount of time at home, possibly too much time, other kinds of writing started sounding interesting as well… Fiction sounded like fun, and from there she, and more importantly we, start learning just how random and bizarre her imagination can be. In time her thoughts on story ideas are very entertainingly all over the map, so to speak… Along the way friends, family, and her agent Mark are all influential in their own ways, and are probably as amused as she is at some of the ideas that inevitably come to life... However, all of this fun creativity eventually becomes overshadowed by her need for travel and adventure as she once again starts thinking about the bigger world…. Through much thoughtful contemplation, she comes up with a plan for the greatest adventure of her life, and she’s had many. So this one is way over the top, and will gradually lead her into the strangest predicament anyone could ever imagine… all before an ending that even she could have never seen coming as the entire story flips completely on its head…. It’s a fun ride….